The cast of “Just Beyond” talks about the RL Stine-inspired series of Disney + anthologies

Culver City, CA – What awaits you in reality beyond what you already know? Could it be witches, aliens, ghosts or parallel universes? The new Disney + series “Just Beyond”, inspired by the series of graphic novels by RL Stine, aims to answer this question … while serving a lot of family fun for Halloween.

“Audiences can expect a ghostly, but not terribly scary experience, watching some really mysterious, fantastic, twisted episodes,” says creator Seth Grahame-Smith, adding that the show is comparable to “Twilight Zone” and “Amazing Stories.” “

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“This is the perfect series for Halloween to watch because it’s not too spooky,” said actress G. Prishkulnik, who is in “Which Witch.” “It’s very magical and fun.”

“It’s a good mix for anyone who wants to watch. It’s good for people who like this horror, an element of Halloween on film and television, but it’s also good for younger audiences who want to watch it and he’s not too scared, “said Marcel LeBlanc, who appears in My Monster.

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The cast is set to celebrate its new series at the premiere of Disney + Hallowstream Drive-in in Culver City, California. 13-year-old actor Logan Gray, who is in “I Stand for Myself”, called it “the greatest experience” [of his] whole life.”

The eight-episode anthology series follows young teenagers on a journey to self-discovery. Although ghostly and supernatural, the show deals with a wide range of relevant topics, including anxiety, harassment and coping with grief.

“What I love so much about all this is that it’s ghostly and scary, but with a moral and bigger story to tell about children and the world now,” said Sally Pressman, who is in My Monster.

“There’s something to be said for love, self-sacrifice and thinking for others, and I think there’s always a good time to do that and always overcome your fears, which makes sense during Halloween,” added Malcolm Barrett, who appeared in The Treehouse. “

All episodes of “Just Beyond” are already airing on Disney +.

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